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Stroker And Hoop

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Synopsis: “Stroker and Hoop” is an animated satire of ’70s cop shows like “Starsky & Hutch.” Though it takes place currently (mid-2000s, when it first aired), the title characters act and dress in 1970s style and are detectives in Los Angeles. Stroker Strockmeyer, a former mattress salesman, likes his PI work because he gets to shoot people. But his partner, Hoop Schwartz, loves the job and never fires a gun intending to hit a target. The two use talking auto CARR, which is 20 years past state of the art. Being mediocre, they take jobs offered by those who can’t afford competence.
Creators: Chris ‘Casper’ Kelly, Jeffrey G. Olsen
Stars: Jon Glaser, Timothy ‘Speed’ Levitch, Paul Christie
Sources: IMDB


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